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Welcome to Enrolments at Shore. Thank you for considering Shore for your child’s education.

Our online application process facilitates quick and easy application from any electronic device. If your child is older than 12 months and you are seeking a place for a day student please call the Registrar’s office on +61 2 9956 1131 to discuss your application before lodgement.

For children under 12 months of age please lodge your application via our online enrolment form. As we experience strong enrolment pressure across all intake years for day students we encourage families to lodge the Application for Enrolment immediately after the birth of their child.

Applications for boarding students enter a separate waiting list but parents are still encouraged to apply as early as possible. We encourage families interested in Boarding at Shore to visit the Boarding page on this website. There you will find detailed information on our Boarding facilities together with a programme of Boarding Events held throughout the year that you are welcome to attend.

The Registrar, Vickii Scott, will welcome your enquiry on 9956 1130 or by email to registrar@aoliteshoes.com.

The Registrar at Shore undertakes the process of offering definite places to each intake within a cohort in the second half of each year. We offer directly from the waitlist starting with the 3 year old Early Learning Centre and working upwards through the intakes of Kindergarten, Year 5 and finally Year 7. We provide a priority to sons & grandsons of Old Boys, sons of Anglican clergy and sons of Shore staff. Once the priorities have been observed places are offered in order of the age of the baby on the day of application, with the date of birth being Day 0.

Please be careful in selecting your desired year of entry as it is almost impossible for a definite place to be transferred to a different intake. All intakes for each cohort become fully enrolled simultaneously.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Registrar’s office either by email or phone if you have any questions or concerns regarding the information presented above.

Contact Details 
The Registrar  Shore, PO Box 1221, North Sydney, NSW, 2059  
Tel:   +61 2 9956 1131 
Email  registrar@aoliteshoes.com  
Fax:   +61 2 9956 1124  
CRICOS Provider No.   00772M