The School is registered 而且 accredited to present students for both the Record of School Achievement 而且 the Higher School Certificate. The HSC provides a certificate to mark the end of secondary education as well as the qualification for entry to universities. A high proportion of Shore boys undertake university courses while others enter the business world, 交易, 武装部队和一些人返回农村地区.


学院的目标是提供广度和深度的课程. Courses offered allow a degree of specialisation but allow boys to keep their future options open 而且 some scope in following their own particular interests.

In line with the School's aim that boys attain academic achievements commensurate with their ability, our research indicates that as a group Shore boys consistently perform in the HSC at a significantly higher level than would be predicted on the basis of ability. 这在中等能力范围内尤其明显. Shore also regularly produces boys who perform in the highest percentile b而且 in the HSC examinations. In recent years students have been placed in the top ten in the State in a variety of subjects. 超过75%的肖尔学生一直获得大学课程的入学资格, 考虑到肖尔的非选择性摄入,这是一个令人欣慰的成就.


The School offers a small number of scholarships for boys entering in Year 7 而且 for boys progressing from the Preparatory School into the Secondary School. The 奖学金 are based on the ability of students to provide academic leadership within the School as well as the likelihood of boys benefiting from an education at Shore. Information concerning scholarship examinations is published in the press during first term each year.



The School offers a broad curriculum which is organised into three stages: Stage 4 (Years 7 而且 8), 第五阶段(9年级和10年级)和第六阶段(11年级和12年级). 2017年课程按年份和阶段列出了重点学习领域.

Boys are assisted in their studies by a range of support services 而且 access to state of the art information 而且 library services in the B.H. 特拉弗斯中心.

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教学时间表每连续7个工作日重复一次. The benefit is that holidays or long weekends will not always affect the same day of the cycle.

There are six 50 minute periods in a day which includes 3 minutes travel time 而且 the school day begins at 8.早上20点,两点结束.50pm.


8.20am - 9.上午10点——第一阶段
9.10am - 10.上午00点-第二阶段
10.00am - 10.上午25点-导师课/教堂
10.25am - 10.上午50点-休息
10.50am - 11.上午40点-第三阶段
11.40am - 12.下午30点——第四节课
12.30pm - 1.晚上10点-午餐
1.10pm - 2.下午00点-第五节课
2.00pm - 2.下午50点——第六节

Slight variations exist on Fridays to allow for House Meetings 而且 the distribution of Pink Cards 而且 awards. 铃声只在上课开始和结束时,以及课间休息和午餐结束时响起.

The cycle number of each day is displayed at various places around the School 而且 in the boy's Diary. Students can access their timetable 而且 all calendar information in the School's portal, "Lampada".

辅导课10点.00 am Monday - Thursday is used for different purposes on various days in various parts of the School. 这些活动包括每周的礼拜仪式和周四的校长大会. 辅导小组每周有两天与导师单独会面. 这些场合用于行政管理、教牧工作和咨询.


学校坚信,在各个阶段,定期和严格的家庭作业的价值. 这样的活动对课堂教学是有价值的强化, 而且, 如果在家里鼓励, helps in the development of self-motivation 而且 self-discipline on which Shore places a high priority. A full 而且 clear statement on homework is to be found in the 课程 H而且book appropriate to a boys' level of study. 以下是AG体育官网家庭作业预期长度的提纲.


男生在开学时会收到一本学校日记. 学校定期检查日记的准确性和整洁性. The School encourages 父母 to do the same 而且 to be in touch with the Tutor or Housemaster if they are at all concerned about their son's homework.

Boys who do not complete their homework to the satisfaction of the teacher concerned may be required to stay behind after school on the first appropriate day to attend a Backwork session to complete the work. 每个Backwork会话从3开始运行.下午05时至3时.下午50点,由工作人员监督.

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1. 同伴学术辅导

该系统已在Shore油田使用多年,并取得了显著的成功. Boys in Years 7 而且 8 who are experiencing difficulties with their academic work or organisation are assigned mentors from the senior boys in their House. The mentor meets with the younger boy on a regular basis to discuss progress 而且 to help with homework 而且 remedial programmes. Over the years we have noticed significant improvement in the younger boys' skills 而且 confidence as a result of this programme, 以及发展亲密的友谊.

2. 研究中心

The 研究中心 is open after school to allow boys to seek individual help 而且 guidance with their work. Teachers from various subject areas are available according to an advertised timetable 而且 boys are able to access this help as they wish. 这没有额外的费用.

3. 读写能力

学校坚定地致力于提高男孩的识字水平. All staff have been through extensive training programmes so that the teaching of literacy occurs in all subjects 而且 is co-ordinated across the School. In addition there are many opportunities for boys to learn to express themselves verbally through the incorporation of drama, 在英语课上进行谈话和辩论.

4. 假日研讨会

只需少量的费用, boys in Year 12 are able to undertake extra tuition during vacations by attending workshops conducted by teaching staff. 工作人员会安排三个小时的课程,重点关注课程的具体方面. 这也是学生完成以实践为基础的学科项目的机会.

5. 亲爱的计划

因为阅读对提高读写能力至关重要, the School has a 'Drop Everything And Read' Program in which boys in Years 7 - 9 spend 15 minutes each day reading a fiction book in class. 指导老师还会读一本书,为孩子们树立榜样. 这个项目得到了男生和工作人员的广泛接受和支持.


In addition to special programs for academically gifted boys as an extension of normal classwork, the School participates in 而且 enjoys significant success in academic competitions 而且 activities outside the classroom. These encourage boys to aim for excellence beyond that achieved in their normal studies 而且 to face challenges they would not usually encounter.